Cutting Oil & Oil Lubrication

Neat Cutting oil

Not soluble in water, Oil based until 90%, 10%chemical additive. Purpose for low, medium and heavy duty machining. Greattcut 3334, greattcut 3301

Soluble Cutting Oil

Forms milky white emulsion with water.

Containing until 70% crude oil, rejected tramp oil and bacterial resistant

Greattcool 4545, Greattcool 4541, Greattcool 4547

Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil

Forms transparent cutting oil solution, containing until 30% crude oil,rejected tramp oil and bacterial resistant.

Greattcool 779, Greattcool 785

Fully Synthetic Cutting Oil

Oil free and 100% chemical synthetic special designed for grinding process Greattfull 8330, Greattfull 8300

Slideway Oil, Greattslide 32,Greattslide 46,Greattslide 68

Hydrolic Oil, *Greatthyd 32,Greatthyd 46,Greatthyd 68

Customer Request (Special Purpose)

silicone emultion, mold realease, stamping lubricant, natural coating, coagulant powder free, ect